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Sportsmanship Week at Hi-Hills Day Camp October 27, 2011

Hello Everyone,

The weather is beautiful out here in Gladstone, NJ. We have fall in full glory! In the UK, Fall months, or as we refer to them, autumn, often become blurred with miserable dull rainy days and we do not have the opportunity to fully appreciate this remarkable season. Also, back home seasons switch from summer to winter a lot sooner. So while most are complaining about the drop in temperature, I am admiring the beauty of this time of year.

Camp Reunion-

Everything in the camp office is well. This week I have busy making arrangements for Sundays FIRST EVER Halloween Camp Reunion. I even found my costume, but you’ll have to wait until Sunday to see it.

In other news,

I have also been working on our Marketing and Advertising for upcoming publications and camp fairs. Here’s one of the new ads. What do you think?

Hi-Hills Day Camp 2012
Hi-Hills Day Camp 2012


Sportsmanship Week at Hi-Hills Day Camp

Each year at Hi-Hills we dedicate Week 6 to Sportsmanship week. Sportsmanship week is part of the camp culture and goes way back. The Directors introduced this concept to educate and promote Sportsmanship, teamwork, fairness and respect in healthy competition.

How Sportsmanship Week Works

Each camper is assigned to one of two teams and throughout the week within their bunk group compete and work together in various activities to earn points for their team. Each team develops a team name, a flag, a team chant/ song and with the help of their counselors discuss the meaning of teamwork and sportsmanship.

At various points during the week, teams come together for all camp events. These include, the Pasta Hunt, Apache Relay, Tug’o’war and of course the final event (The chant off and the Flag awards). This year was a huge success. I have uploaded some short highlights from this years Tug’o’war event. It’s a real gem, Enjoy!

Early Bird Discount- Extended!

I have great news for all un-registered parents. Our Early Bird Enrollment has now been extended another week and is open until November 4th. See our website for further discounts.

I hope to see you Sunday, at the reunion.


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Hi-Hills Day Camp Halloween Party October 5, 2011

Many people assume the camp office is extremely quiet in October and there is little to do until next June. I am often asked the question, ‘what is it you do the rest of the year?’ I usually laugh and say, ‘well, I take a 10 month vacation’.

Truth of the matter is, although I live 10 months of the year for 2 months of summer, we are incredibly busy (good busy) and it feels like June here in the camp office, (June is probably the busiest month in the camp calendar).

We have many exciting things happening and I wanted share with you some of the projects we are working on.

We are currently planning the FIRST EVER Hi-Hills reunion, we are evaluating the summer of 2011, reading through all your camp feedback and planning the program for 2012. We are asking ourselves all sorts of questions, like, how can we make Carnival be EVEN better next year? Which Teen Travel trips should we consider? Can Sno Cones be EVERY DAY? Along with this, we spend time meeting with new parents and giving camp tours and we are beginning to meet with staff to coordinate who is able to return to camp next summer.

Away From Hi-Hills Day Camp,

My Mum (as we say in the UK, not Mom) visited from England. She had never been to the USA before and we had a great time. We spent most of our time in NY, NY sightseeing and doing all kinds of fun stuff that you forget to do when you live so close to the city. We went to the top of the Empire State building, we took a cruise around Manhattan Island and visited the Statue or Liberty, we walked through times square at night, had lunch in Central Park and she even wanted to take a ride in a yellow Taxi. I was also able to share all my stories from the summer with her and she wishes she could be at the reunion. 


Mum's visit (Central Park, NY)


The Hi-Hills Day Camp Reunion

Speaking of which, each of you should receive an invitation for our Hi-Hills Halloween Party in the mail shortly.  The Hi-Hills Day Camp reunion is on October 30th between 2-4pm at Gill St Bernard’s. There will be prizes for the best Halloween Costume.  Please RSVP to the camp office before October 20th

Hi-Hills Day Camp Halloween Party

Hi-Hills Halloween Party

The Hi-Hills Herald

I am in the process of editing the Fall edition of the Hi-Hills Herald. If anyone would like to share a story from summer or update the camp community on what you have been doing since camp, we would love to hear from you.  Please email your article to

In the meantime I hope you are enjoying the beautiful month of October and I hope to see you at the Reunion.

All the best,