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Summer Blogging! July 10, 2012

Good Afternoon Parents,

My name is Tyler Rowell, and I will be your blog host for the duration of the summer. Each day I will be detailing a different activity or event that occurs here at Hi-Hills Day Camp. My goal is to keep you educated and up to date on what exactly it is your children at doing here at the place affectionately referred to as the Best Summer Ever.

Today I got to spend my morning with Bunks 1 and  2, known collectively as Kinder Camp. These children  may be young but you wouldn’t know it the way they took to the pool. Under the watchful eyes of Sarah, Monica, Stefanie, and Merideth these campers could have easily been mistaken for a school of fish.

During my time with Kinder Camp I spoke to Aquatic Director Augie Lorio and he explained to me the program that we use here at Hi-Hills. It is called the Learn To Swim Program and was created by the American Red Cross and is used nationally. There are six levels to this program with most of our campers residing in the first four levels. Level One involves a basic introduction to swim, which includes having a lifeguard holding the child up as they learn to kick and start to float. In this level the child’s head stays above water at all times. In Level Two, they learn to float on their front and back. In Level Three they begin to learn basic swimming techniques, including the Freestyle and Backstroke. Level Four consists of refining these strokes.

I also spent time with Lifeguard Randy Brown who explained how they plan to teach the campers a new stroke each week and that during each level they work on survival floating, treading water, and other water basics. Each lifeguard also has certain levels that they work with certain bunks on in order to build consistency with the campers in order to further their learning.

That just about wraps up Day 1 of the new and improved Summer Blog, if you will allow me to leave you with a quote Randy gave me that exemplifies working here at Hi-Hills, “I may work primarily at Level Two, but these campers are all Number One in my heart.”