Hi-Hills Day Camp Is Back! September 14, 2011

The new school year is underway and so is planning for Hi-Hills Day Camp, 2012!

As you find your stride for the next few months, I wanted to take a second to wish you well for this academic year. Good luck, work hard and have fun!

July 4th Celebrations Hi Hills Day Camp New Jersey

July 4th Celebrations

I am so excited to turn my attention to the summer of 2012 this week and wanted to keep you posted on a number of updates in our camp community.

Hi Hills Day Camp Office Life

Here in the camp office, the pace of life has slowed, slightly. I moved back to the Summer Programs Office, above Founders (Dining Hall). Perch House (Camp Office) is now a space used for GSB students to master the art of music, buses report to a different part of the campus (I noticed two things this morning, as I walked past the buses. The first, no one leaving the bus was anywhere near as excited as those who hopped off the bus on a summers morning and two, there were no awesome counselors greeting them as they arrived!) Sorry, I felt the need to share that.  And all the camp equipment is packed away in the barn for another year. And so the only traces we have left that camp ever happened, are the pictures, the newsletter (see achieved editions of our camp newsletter the Hi-Hills Herald), and of course the wonderful memories for all those involved. I often find myself gazing into space with a smile on my face, reminising of summer.

Throughout the year I will publish frequent blogs, full of highlights from the summer and keep you updated on camp news via Twitter and Facebook.

Other Camp Updates

  • Our Camp Reunion, The Hi-Hills Halloween Party, will take place on October 30th See the Website for further details.
  • The announcements section of our homepage (see the right-hand Column) will also detail camp news and updates.
  • Parents, please see the parent notices section of our website for information and updates about camp.
  • The Hi-Hills Herald will be published during the year.

I hope to see you all at the reunion.

Good luck with the semester, enjoy!


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