Leagues at Hi-Hills July 1, 2015

With week two in full swing, there is one word on everyone’s minds: leagues! Leagues is an exciting athletic competition that Bunks 9 through 18 take part in during Hi-Hills. Campers are assigned to teams that consist of members of their own bunk and those from other bunks as well. There are four boys’ teams and four girls’ teams which will compete in this year’s sports: basketball, soccer, and tennis baseball. The philosophy behind leagues is “to create an atmosphere of friendly competition, in which campers of all athletic ability levels can experience the camaraderie and social benefits of playing on an organized team.” The weekly schedule for leagues allows campers to play games on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, while teams use Tuesdays and Thursdays to re-group and practice. Weekly team standings will be announced and posted in the Hi-Hills Herald, and additional trophies and accolades will be awarded to teams and individual campers for achievements this season.


Now in its 15th season at Hi-Hills, everyone at camp is ecstatic for the 2015 leagues season to commence. On Monday, campers were placed into teams, where they came up with creative names. This year’s boys’ teams are Bat-Men, ‘Lil Cutie Clementines, Bengal Tigers and Maroon Macaroons. The girls’ teams consist of Blue Lightening, Blazing Comets, Kerry’s Kangaroos and Dark Magic. Down in arts & crafts, campers have been making team shirts that will serve as their uniform for the season. All week long, teams have been playing scrimmages in preparation for Monday’s first official competition. Good luck to all teams, and let the games begin!


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