Olympics Week at Hi-Hills July 30, 2015

The highly anticipated Olympics Week is here! Campers have been engaging in various team games and events for which they are awarded color wars points. While the competition is fierce, sportsmanship is emphasized above all else. Our philosophy is that all camp activities go hand-in-hand with good character, humility and graciousness. For this reason, campers and counselors are awarded points and recognized for their good sportsmanship and leadership.


On Monday, the blue and green teams competed in an old-fashioned kickball game. However, there was no clear winner. Instead, campers and counselors learned a lesson in sportsmanship by sharing points to reinforce the value of teamwork. The following day, a gaga game ensued with the green team emerging victorious. The blue team’s captain stood out with her stellar sportsmanship cheers for which they were awarded 250 points.


Thursday was an action-packed day for Olympics Week. The day kicked off with the blue vs. green survivor challenge #1. The challenge entailed tying sticks together to retrieve a key, which would open a box with a mystery message written as a puzzle. Both teams worked together using their creativity and wit to accomplish the tasks. Ultimately, the blue team prevailed and racked up 1,250 points. Following the challenge, everyone made their way over to the front courtyard for a Hi-Hills favorite tradition: the blue vs. green pasta hunt. While the blue team found the highly coveted purple pasta, the green team reached a close second with 1,976 points!


We are all gearing up for Hi-Hills’ first survivor day tomorrow. The blue and green teams will be required to complete a total of ten challenges from paddle boat races to a fish casting challenge, sling shot and bean bag games, water balloon launching, an archery challenge, a scrabble puzzle and tether rings. Each activity requires an immense about of teamwork and support. We can’t wait for campers to put their skills to the test.


Good luck blue and green teams!

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