Summer Fun 2015 Week #1 Recap June 12, 2015

What a fantastic start to Summer 2015! Week #1 of Summer Fun at Hi-Hills Day Camp was better than anyone could have imagined. The Home Winds addition allowed campers to enjoy archery and fishing. Bingo included fun and exciting prizes like the infamous Rubber Chicken! The weather stayed in our favor so that all outdoor activities, including swim and tennis, were enjoyed by our campers. Bunks participated in low ropes where they put their balance to the test. Campers worked on Father’s Day presents at pottery and practiced for the talent show during performing arts. We also explored the GSB Garden and picked strawberries at the Community Strawberry Festival.


Week #1 wrapped up in true Summer Fun fashion with gaga games, talent show performances and an all-camp dance party! We can’t wait for next week!

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