What’s on Your Summer Agenda? July 7, 2016

Summer is the ideal time to swim, relax, travel and spend time with friends and family. Summer is also the perfect chance to explore a new interest, strengthen a particular skill or take an academic course for advancement. Whatever goal you may have in mind, Hi-Hills offers a diverse curriculum of summer enrichment and academic courses that will inspire your child. Our programs are open for children from preschool through grade 12. Cindy Wyatt, Director of Summer and Auxiliary Programs at Gill St. Bernard’s School and Hi-Hills, is on hand and ready to help navigate your goals as well as offer a parent perspective to your summer mix!


Enrichment camps are a wonderful summer forum to captivate a child in addition to developing and preparing for the year ahead. Whether your child’s passion is in the creative and performing arts or science and technology, Hi-Hills offers numerous options to grow. The goal is not to become an expert, but rather to inspire future exploration. Some of the programs offered here at Hi-Hills include musical theater, sewing, STEM and STEAM camps, coding, gaming, cooking, gardening, and creative writing. Our schedule includes both morning and afternoon time slots allowing for a balanced day of learning and traditional summer camp.


Academic camps are a terrific avenue to pursue a love of learning, along with opportunities to participate in an accredited course for the upcoming school year. Course offerings include geometry, algebra, chemistry and biology as well as study skills, writing and Singapore math classes. Students can gain knowledge, confidence and advancement in a small class setting led by GSB faculty.


So what’s on your summer agenda? We have many options to explore all summer long! Let us fill your child’s summer with learning, engagement and fun. The door is open for you here at Hi-Hills! Contact us today to learn more.

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