What’s Your Game This Summer? July 13, 2016

The summer sports season is in full swing. Is your child playing a summer sport or participating in off-season training? At Hi-Hills, we offer many options for summer exploration! This includes learning the basic fundamentals of a sport, strengthening a child’s athletic prowess, or fostering life skills with First Aid, CPR and lifeguard certification. Hi-Hills provides over a dozen sports specialty camps for children ages three to 16 to meet their personal goals in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.


Our camps take advantage of the impressive fields complex, basketball courts and Athletic Center located on site at the picturesque, 208-acre campus of Gill St. Bernard’s School in Gladstone, NJ. Hi-Hills works with notable club coaches and GSB athletics staff who contribute to players’ understanding and respect for the game and assist in general skill development. Participants will receive in-depth fundamental and team training, in addition to building their leadership skills.


Upcoming camp programs being held at Hi-Hills include soccer camp, Club Soccer and High School Prep Camps, pre-school soccer camp, and tennis technique and skills camp. Previous camps include lifeguard training, First Aid, CPR certification and re-certification, mountain biking, softball and Leadership Academy.


Experience Hi-Hills sports camps in 2016, and set your adventure on the playing fields or the court! If you have any questions, please contact Assistant Director of Summer and Auxiliary Programs, Nicole Spiotta, at 908-234-1611, ext. 251. Let’s go Hi-Hills!

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