Wildlife at Hi-Hills August 12, 2015

The Home Winds Campus has been a fantastic addition to Hi-Hills this summer. Encompassing 128 acres, the property is home to the great outdoors program. In addition to the fishing, paddle boating and archery activities, campers have had the opportunity to see some of the local Home Winds fauna. Just in the pond itself, campers caught bass, blue gill sunfish and perch. They also found small turtles, fresh water clams, and various frogs (bull frogs, leopard frogs and tree frogs). Some of the bunks were lucky enough to see an osprey, a great heron and a corn snake. We even welcomed some of the wildlife into our Hi-Hills family like Blue the baby painted turtle (who has been appointed as our junior mascot), and Crusher (who has become our resident snapping turtle).


This summer, our great outdoors coordinator, Matt Hibbitt, set up a wildlife feeding station that has been monitored by motion activated cameras. The station has yielded over 400 photos and includes infrared photos of deer and raccoons. In addition, the camera has caught bucks, doe, fawns, squirrels and flying squirrels in action. Campers have been able to view the photos on their visits to the great outdoors, and have learned all about the different animals and how they interact with each other. Consequently, we have been able to allow campers to connect technology with their natural surroundings.


All bunks have been able to enjoy their summer at Home Winds. Even Kinder Camp paid a visit this week for their first great outdoors session of the summer. During their trip, they visited the chicken coops and the donkey pens. It has been an incredible summer, and we cannot wait for even more fun to be had next summer at Hi-Hills!

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