Leaders of Tomorrow (LOTs)

LOT by poolAt Hi-Hills Day Camp we provide many aspects of camp to include kinder camp, traditional day camp and teen travel camp. In recognition of the positive influence camp has on the younger campers, Hi-Hills wanted to provide the same impact for those campers getting ready to apply to colleges and jobs. New to Hi-Hills for the summer of 2016 is our Leaders of Tomorrow program, also known as the “LOTs.” This program is designed for campers ages 14-16 who are excited and eager to build more than just their resume. The LOT program will teach campers character building skills, they will learn what it means to work as a team, as well as provide them with the necessary skills to create cover letters, resumes and proper interview dialogue. See below for more details on this new and exciting program to Hi-Hills. For questions please feel free to contact the Camp Office at 908-234-0067 or info@hihills.com.

Character Building

In congruence with our #BeBetter Movement, our character building portion focuses on recognizing camper skills and working on motivational skills to guide teamwork. Key focal points include: creativity, conquering challenges, building inner strength and believing in oneself. Campers will be awarded at the end of each week in front of our camp community with a #BeCreative tag, #BeChallenged tag, #BeStrong tag, or #BeYou when they have demonstrated one of those particular skills consistently throughout the week.

More Than Just a Resume

Each week our campers of the LOT program will develop their writing and communicating skills. Through experimental learning and classroom settings, campers will learn how to write and present their skills to future colleges and employers. Campers will learn college essay topics, resume layouts, cover letter structure and appropriate interviewing skills.

Preparation for Tomorrow

In order to combine both character building and classroom skills, LOT participants will also cover topics such as customer service, social media, behavior management and diversity. Through interactions with different camp age groups, working with marketing coordinators, directors of diversity and volunteering for events and local groups, campers will learn a variety of skills throughout the summer.