Hi-Hills Interactive Kids Zone

Welcome to Hi-Hills Day Camp…


At this time of year, it can feel like camp is decades away. The Hi-Hills website is one way to keep the camp spirit alive year round! Our Interactive Kids Zone is dedicated to fun, games and contests. We’ll update this page throughout the winter and spring with new activities, so be sure to check back often!

You can also keep up with us through the Hi-Hills blog or Hi-Hill’s Facebook page where new contests and games will be announced.

Indoor Games

When you are stuck inside there are still fun things to do. Consider trying out the following fun indoor games.

  • Air Pong: A ping pong ball and table is all that is needed for this fun quick indoor game. Two players are on either side of the table with the ball in the middle of the table. Take a piece of tape to clarify where each side of the table starts. Each person tries to blow the ball off of the other side of the table. First one that does wins!
  • Sock Puppets: Find a sock, glue, some googly eyes, and felt to cut out a tongue shape (felt works for eyes, too). Attach the eyes and tongue to the sock with glue. Name your puppet, and put on a puppet show!
  • Leaf Cards: Take leaves from the yard and dry them. Lay out some plastic wrap and add various colors of paint for dipping. Dip the leaves into the paint, one at a time, and press the leaf onto some card stock. Mix colors and leaf patterns for some interesting designs. When done, fold over, sign card and send.

Paulie the Platypus Travel Fun

Paulie The Platypus Hi-Hills NJ Day Camp MascotGoing somewhere fun? Take Paulie the Platypus with you! Follow the instructions below to print out a copy of Paulie so that you can snap a picture of him in your favorite places. Submit your photos to us, and we’ll display the best pictures online!


  • Save a copy of the picture of Paulie the Platypus (click the link to open the picture in new window, then right-click on the image and choose ‘save as’ to save it to your computer)
  • Print out a large color picture.
  • Bring the picture of Paulie the Platypus with you when you visit fun places.
  • Take a picture of you with Paulie together on your next adventure.
  • Submit photos by emailing them to info@hihills.com. Be sure to make the subject line “Paulie the Platypus”

Paulie the Platypus Coloring Pages

You can also download and print Paulie coloring pages. Color him in with crayons or markers, or get extra creative and combine it with other images for a fun interactive collage. When you are done, mail or bring it in to Hi-Hills. We will be displaying these creations at the first part of the upcoming camp season next year. We will also share them on the Hi-Hills Facebook page and blog so stay tuned!

Your Own Contest or Game Ideas

If you have your own contest or game ideas we would love to hear them! Submit your ideas on the form to the right of this page with the subject line of “Contest Game Ideas.” We will keep track and update this page with some of the best ideas and who came up with them.