CIT Program

The counselor-in-training (CIT) program serves as a transition from camper to counselor for young adults entering grades 9 or 10..

The purpose of this program is to provide qualified teens with the tools and skills necessary to become outstanding camp counselors. CIT’s are placed with different activities around camp on a rotating basis and are exposed to a variety of age groups and camp programs. CIT’s are trained under the guidance of experienced counselors and directors.


Counselor in Training Program Requirements

Maturity, responsibility and enthusiasm are critical requirements of candidates for this program. From assisting younger campers on morning bus rides to helping plan activities, CIT’s are given increasing responsibilities throughout the summer.

CIT Program Leadership Candidates

Because this is a training program for future leadership roles, only serious candidates should apply. Applicants should be committed to developing those skills necessary to become a successful leader. CIT’s are not required to participate in all eight weeks of camp, but we find that those who do increase their skills and confidence significantly. Participation in this program does not guarantee future employment, but we have found that many of our best counselors have come through our CIT program.

Help Day Campers Slide Through Summer

Help Day Campers Slide Through Summer

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