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HI-Hills Day Camp Teamwork in Action

The Hi-Hills Day Camp is for children ages six through thirteen. At Hi-Hills, the emphasis is on the overall development of the camper. Since 1966 Hi-Hills has been providing a quality camp experience for children.

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How Day Camp Works

Campers are divided into groups (bunks), based on age and gender. Each bunk has a head counselor who is at least twenty one years of age (or completed their first year of college) and in the education field. Bunks are given daily schedules with various activities, throughout the day.

Day Camp Activities

There are several open sessions purposely added to the schedule to allow time for the individual bunks to tailor the day to the needs of the group. Campers are encouraged to explore a wide variety of activities within a relaxed atmosphere. Activities are taught by trained and licensed staff. These activities include, swim (both instructional and free), dance, cooking, music, martial arts, archery, tennis, athletics, nature, as well as arts and crafts. Instruction is provided with attention to each child as an individual. Creativity and expression are encouraged as well as self improvement in physical activities.


The club “elective” program provides campers the chance to select a special group activity each week. This program breaks up the day by allowing campers to choose a period to participate in a program of their choice.  Clubs are created by the specialties of the counselors as well as the interest of the campers. Campers may change clubs every week allowing them to experience many clubs throughout the summer. Past clubs have included arts and crafts, soccer, basketball, tennis, drama, hockey, gaga, science, dance and more. Clubs provide an excellent opportunity for campers to socialize with children from other bunks and be involved in an activity that they are especially interest in.

Clubs are divided into upper bunks, for grades entering four through six, and lower bunks, for grades entering one through three. Club time is scheduled daily mid-morning.


Twice during the summer both lower and upper bunks have the opportunity to fish. This is an out of camp trip that will take place at Schooley’s Mountain State Park on either a Tuesday or Thursday morning.

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