A Typical Day at Camp

Whether your camper arrives on one of our counselor-staffed busses or by family car, they’ll be greeted at the arrival area by Hi-Hills Day Camp Staff. Staff will then direct the campers to the amphitheater for morning assembly. All campers are escorted and accounted for immediately upon arrival by the camp staff.

NJ Summer Day Camp Assembly

Hi-Hills Day Camp Assembly

Camp Hours

Day Camp takes place from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Before Care is available from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. while After Care is available from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Day Camp Director Announcements

Our directors will give announcements for the day’s events, then the bunks are sent on their way for a day of scheduled activities.  All bunks (except Teen Travel) will have five morning swim lessons taught by Hi-Hills Day Camp certified lifeguards, plus a combination of art, dance, nature, music, martial arts, cooking and athletics throughout the week.

Day Camp Themes

Every week of camp has a designated theme. Special events and activities are designed around these themes, culminating each Friday with a theme-specific dress day. See our 2014 Calendar (coming soon!) for this summer’s weekly themes.

Day Campers and Counselors Lunch

Campers and counselors eat lunch together in our professionally catered dining hall. Campers serve themselves with choices from daily special hot lunches or cold deli and salad bars.  Kinder Campers are served by their counselors.  All counselors are trained to see that the campers make nutritionally healthy choices.

Day Camp Combination

New last summer, campers can now combine their Hi-Hills experience with other half-day summer programs offered by GSB, such as specialized classes (academics, arts or technology) or athletic programs. If your child does this, they will meet their bunkmates at lunch for the remainder of the day.

Day Camp Counselor’s Choice

All Hi-Hills Day Camp groups will have at least one free activity period each day.  Many times the bunks take this time just to get to know each other better, maybe with some games directed by the counselors. Athletics and art also have equipment that can be used at this time.

Day Camp Clubs

Each week, older campers choose what they would like to do in “clubs.”  Clubs include athletics, drama, music, art or dance.  Some clubs hold performances while others are just a time to extend participation in an area that the camper especially enjoys.  All clubs are supervised by counselors and once the club period is over the campers return to their bunks.

Camp Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts Camp Activity

End of Day Camp Snacks

As the day winds down the entire camp comes together for snacks, announcements and final dismissal at the flag pole where they began the day. Campers then head off to their transportation home, looking forward to returning the next day with their friends.

If your child participates in before and/or after care, they will be playing with counselors and other campers, and will be escorted to and from their designated meeting areas.

Day Camp Support

Throughout the day all day campers have support from HI-Hills staff and friends. In addition, we are always a phone call away for parents who need to reach us. If you have any questions about a typical day at HI-Hills or want a tour of the day camp, contact HI-Hills online or call 908.234.0067.