Tennis Players of the Day

The following is a list of Tennis Players of the day for summer camp 2011. Check back often as this will be updated periodically.

August 4th

Austin, Sofia and Cassidy from Bunk 3 earned top honors today!  Austin’s remarkable form is reminiscent of Roger Federer, Sofia’s tenacity and drive propel her to succeed while Cassidy’s natural athleticism has both Em and myself on guard to protect ourselves from her well-struck, high-velocity ball!  Annabelle Ku is the player of the day from Bunk 22; a conscientious, talented player whom we love to have on the court!  Within Bunk 15, Matthew Maung and Robbie Bellina set the sportsmanship example and earn top honors.  Mariel Ganes and Lily Lorio from Bunk 16 round out our top honors for today, both demonstrating skill and sportsmanship

August 3rd

Tim Aparicio of Bunk 13 shined bright during his inter-bunk battle of Ladder Ball.  Within Bunk 12, both Ashley and Madison fought valiantly in an exciting, overtime duel that the American All-Stars managed to win.    Great job by all involved in the tennis segment of the Apache Relay, especially Ava of the Terrifying Tornadoes and Bunk 11 counselor Brian.

August 2nd

Our first tennis player of the day is Brenden Halstead from Bunk 11.  With a cool, calm demeanor, Brenden guided his All-Star team to victory in tennis shoot-out.  From Bunk 5, we have Carter Klein.  I foresee a long and successful career for Carter, if his blistering groundstrokes are any indication.  Logan demonstrated exemplary sportsmanship from Bunk 23.  We commend his spirit and his willingness to help his fellow bunkmates.  Finally we have Eideen, the consummate good sport with undeniable talent, as our star of the day from Bunk 13.  Congratulations to all and good luck with tomorrow’s purple pasta hunt and tug-of-war!

August 1st

Although the muggy conditions produced a slow start, Bunk 1 picked up their energy, in part from the example of Oliver Poe and Ariana Tellalian.  Bunk 16 was embroiled in a highly competitive game of knockout, and our players of the day are Ella ‘perfect form’ Baker, Kirsten Seto and Erin Flaherty.  Finally, from Bunk 12, we have Sofia and Morgan.  Congratulations to all, and continued sportsmanship on this, our Sportsmanship Week!

July 19th

Today’s tennis players of the day are Elizabeth Leclerc from bunk 16 and Madison Gesualdo from bunk 12. Elizabeth’s resolve is commendable. She bounced back after being grazed by a ball to claim sole victory in round number two of Survivor Island. Madison, meanwhile, missed her first chance to capture the title with an errant forehand only to keep going in earnest until she finished the deal in round two. Both examples reinforce the value of perseverance and optimism.

July 15th

On Friday, we had Ryan Bullett from bunk 17. His sportsmanship, positive effort and clear tennis skills steered his team to victory in Survivor Island. Andrew Fillipelli earned top honors within bunk 15. It is a pleasure to have such a conscientious player on the courts.